You guys were fantastic! Thank you so much. We have been bopping to the moon lots today. Our families gave fantastic feedback and the children were so excited. Thank you so much electric lunchbox. You made our Christmas party a memorable exciting and enjoyable event! Hope to dance and sing with you again soon!

Amy Jones
Hello Jayde and Steve,
I'd like to tell you just how much Electric Lunchbox has been a part of our day today.

When I awoke at 3am to feed my 10 week old baby, 'We love the farm life, the rooster who wakes us at dawn' kept going through my head for some reason. ;)
I'm poorly today too so we've all been singing 'I ache, I ache, I ache' with the magnificent ice cream and doctor outro being sung dramatically by my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter.
Sitting at dinner, my 5 year old was singing Buzz Buzz Buzz and loves the line 'tell the lunchboxes' and my 8 year old was singing 'It isn't Thai fried rice, pppppppp prawn crackers'.

He says: "I love your music, it's really funny, by the way, 'Mum Knows Best' is my favourite"
She says: "I love all the songs, I decided to dance to the rhythms and I decided I would send this message to you, from Rebecca"

Thank you Electric Lunchbox for being such a cheerful part of our day today.
Shona, Jonathan and Rebecca

Shona, Jonathon and Rebecca
Wow!!! This site is awesome!
And....Prawn Crackers Prawn Crackers ppppppppp Prawn Crackers!!!
Ha! I love it... My kids love it! You guys are too cute for words!!!!
I can't stop singing the bloody thing!! You should be over the moon with


My kids are loving the cd Macys fav is prawn crackers, let us know if you do a concert as you definitely have some fans in our family.

Megan, Sheena, Georgia, Macy and Abby

Jayde has recently started playing some of the Electric Lunchbox songs in her classes... my kids have absolutely loved it, and ever since have been nagging me to ask Jayde when the CD is ready to buy... Finally it is...Yippee! Just in time for Christmas

Vanessa (mum of three)
Jayde has been running Music & Movement classes at our Community Centre for the past 3 years. The classes have been very popular with local families with young children. The kids absolutely love Jayde and her classes are always entertaining. I often hear the parents singing the songs with the children after the classes.

Jo Fletcher, Facilitator, Connect Redfern
“My daughters aged two and four have been learning music, movement and dance with Jayde since they were newborns. Jayde's classes are the highlight of their week and they are always 100 per cent engaged in the activities she sets out for them. Jayde is calm, creative and attentive to each individual. This special personal focus creates a genuine bond between Jayde and the children which she uses to boost their self esteem and expand their horizons. Jayde's classes feature many educational elements from music and dance to counting and spelling, foreign language and development of thoughts and feelings. I feel very privileged that my daughters have had such a wonderful start to creative learning.”

“If you want to nurture a love of music during the first years of your child's life, this is the class for you. With her unique blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and sense of humor, Jayde leads the class in musical expression through singing, dancing, and playing with instruments, and the kids all love it!”


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