Lost children, rain, and Peats Ridge Festival

by admin on January 10, 2012

Wow… What a start to the new year… a fantastic day performing at Peats Ridge Festival…

It all started with a bit of rain and a one hour drive north of Sydney. We decided not to camp for the three days but to do a day trip and soak up the vibe. It was quite cold when we got there and I had not packed any warm clothes (it was supposed to be summer). We walked around the venue (which was huge) but it all seemed pretty quiet, I think people were taking shelter in their tents. We started walking back up the hill, the sun appeared, we unloaded the car, the air turned thick and dense, and suddenly we all had eighties perms.

The tent we performed in was decked out like an indoor jungle which actually kinda felt like you were in The Congo… no, really. We changed in the car (that’s Rock’n'Roll), the show was great, we played as a four piece and Steve even made his way out into the audience, with his guitar, during Prawn Crackers. The kids loved it and so did the paparazzi … well… the one guy that seemed to be taking lots of shots!

After the gig we went down to the festival to enjoy some live music, it was there that we saw HanGai – awesome Mongolian band, Tijuana Cartel, Passenger, Oh Mercy, Hermitude, Husky, and of course Gotye. Well actually we didn’t see much of Gotye as our nine year old decided to disappear on us with her friend. We kinda thought they might be part of the crowd, but we couldn’t be sure. So after speaking to several security guards, searching the creeks (probably the most gruelling process), pushing our way through crowds, and then finally demanding an announcement being made – she was nine, it was a festival, it was dark, and she had been gone an hour – security allowed us to walk back stage and up to the front of the stage where as Gotye did his count down to midnight and finally said ONE I spotted her on the barriers, arms in the air, singing, and having the time of her life. She managed to get that close to the front because the crowd around her were lovely and looked out for her, and well, we just couldn’t be annoyed… in fact proud we were, what a rock chick, what a great story… just next time TELL US!

So anyway, tragedy averted, NYE fantastic, and Peats Ridge… What a festival! Would do it all again in a minute.

Happy New Year to you all

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