New guitars, new gigs and The Bends…

by admin on September 18, 2011

Well, it’s been a while since our last post… we could blame our children, lack of time and the cold weather… and well, yes, we do blame those things, but here we are ready to go…

Steve got a new guitar, a Fender Strat, it’s red (important to me, not so important to him) and plays like a dream. Today he is practising to Radiohead – The Bends – which brought on a sudden flashback. Many years ago, just out of uni, before kids, before kids music and responsibilities, I sang at a fundraising event. It was small but required me to sing in front of an audience with just an acoustic guitar. I got up and sang my song – High And Dry by Radiohead – and then enjoyed the rest of the bands on the night. A few years later, Steve and I were talking and I mentioned that event. What I didn’t realise was that he was the sound engineer and his band was also one of the bands that I had enjoyed watching. Our paths didn’t meet that night, it was a year later at another musical event (one which will require a whole new post – it’s a long story) but now I think, who’d have thunk that my husband to be was there on that night, mixing me and playing alongside me with his bluegrass band… thank you Thom Yorke for a pleasant Sunday memory

So now we have more gigs coming up, Marrickville Festival – October 23 (plus two others we can’t announce just yet), two gigs in Melbourne in late October (Northcote Uniting Church and Rhymes Festival Oct 29 & 30) and a whole heap of new songs. We are pumped for the next few months, we’ve even had a request for a Christmas song… we’ll see!


So here is the song, Radiohead is up there with our favourite bands of all time.

Radiohead live on Jools Holland

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