“What’s In Our Lunchbox” July 2013

by admin on July 19, 2013

“What’s In Our Lunchbox”July 2013

Hi Friends,
(NOTE – I should start by admitting that I wrote most of this in the first week of the month, then we went away for a few days and upon returning I still hadn’t sent it out. So please excuse the timeline being slightly askew at times.)

Okay Winter, we get it ! You spend summer a bit on the sulky side, feeling as if you never get much attention, and then when it’s finally your turn all you hear is folk whingeing, sick of wearing trakky-dax and uggboots inside, and contemplating whether or not it’s permissible to leave the house and hit Woolies looking like that. Well, this just in : it’s not ! I’ve been looking out the window with a forlorn countenance for over a week now, hoping against hope that things would clear up a bit for last Friday night so I could go see my Swans play at the SCG, catch up with some friends and reap the social rewards therein. But no… just as I was about to embark, I checked the Bureau Of Meteorology website for the final “all clear”, and there on the map was a storm that looked like it had walked straight from the book of Leviticus, fast approaching Moore Park and looking as though it hates footy and everyone who likes it. So I pulled the pin, put the uggies back on and watched
it on TV. It was unbeleivable ! I can’t imagine how I would’ve gotten back to the car without a Spinaker and a Sextent. I’m also yet to hear from my friends who decided they “should be right” and went anyway. I trust this isn’t because they haven’t yet returned, as all concerned have families and it seems rough justice to perish just because you like footy. (PJ, if you’re still out there, please check in via message in a bottle so we know we have a drummer for the summer). Anyway, it’s been indoors and nothing else ever since. Today we’ll take the children to a movie, trading one indoors for another and dressing it up as an adventure. (And as if to trade insult for injury, the sun has re-emerged in the last few days and made my scribblings appear misplaced. Just think back to last weekend and indulge me… thank you, friends).
On a more pleasant note, I just dropped Danny to a birthday party, and as I was about to leave, the DJ “spun” some Electric Lunchbox (word !). As I headed for the door, I overheard some parents mutterring about “the tall bloke over there”, then turned to see the eyes of their child bulging in disbeleif that such an appearance was being visited upon them. It was then that I decided I might stay for a while, feigning hunger as my motivation. But let’s face it, friends – when there’s no gigs on there can be a little hole in a musician’s ego-account, so double-takes are not to be passed over. Hey, we may not be The Stone Roses, but I still wanna be adored ! So I wrenched another 5 minutes of recognition from the exhausted crowd, pretending that I didn’t want all the attention on me… however transparent that pretense was. Anyhow, I feel much better after a “Me, Me, Me” fix, and the sausage rolls were excellent, Leonie.
Oh, and happy birthday from Electric Lunchbox, Kinaya. In all the giddiness of the attention rush, I almost forgot what we were doing in your house in the first place. You’ve been one of our most loyal fans, and we really hope you had a terriffic day.

Sorry… false alarm ! Electric Lunchbox are hibernating in our respective caves for at least a few more months, so any rumours of us emerging into the light in the immediate future are just that – rumour, scuttlebutt and innuendo ! Try not to get roped in to these sorts of conversations when you overhear them during the course of daily life – the last thing we want to do is cause an argument at the local servo when you’re trying to buy a Hot Beef Hero and some bloke in front of you is banging on as to why Electric Lunchbox haven’t played for a while. You’re gonna hear all sorts of hyperbole, from “I hear they’ve broken up”, to “PJ’s run away and joined the circus”, even “Jayde’s become a real Yoko and the other guys don’t want her at rehearsals anymore” (this last one is particularly ridiculous – we haven’t rehearsed for months). Just do what we’d do in that situation : turn and walk away. Actually, what we’d probably do is run away, so just do that. In the meantime, we can
tell you that Xmas bookings are already starting to come in and we’ve got some beauties in the book. Naturally, you’ll all be the first Homosapiens to know. Whacko !

This month’s Fan Of The Month winner is not only an idea for a band, it actually has 2 members already in place. So this could go either way… it may stay as is, giving us a White Stripes-like experience, or it may get even bigger until something akin to The Arcade Fire are squished onto a stage at next year’s Ferncourt Fair. Either way, I’m going to ask Leila Karlson some stumpers and get this month’s column rolling.

EL– Okay Leila, thinking cap on.
L – Fire away, Steve !
EL -Stumper number one : what’s your favourite song on Hey !
L- Off the top of my head, I’d have to go with “All Stops To Marrickville”.
EL – Cool…I’ve been waiting for somebody to pick that one… can you tell us why you did ?
L – I most certainly can, Stephen. It’s mainly because it’s the suburb I live in, and also the train stops at planets too. “All stops to Uranus, Neptune, Saturn…” (laughs) they’re all planet names.
EL – Okay, last question : If you were going to start a band, what would you call it ?
L – I already have a band with my friend, Clara. We’re called
The Dragons.
EL – Oh yeh, I’ve seen a press-release photo and it looks really snappy.
L – Ha… does that make us the “Snap-Dragons” ?
S – (throwing his head back and clutching his sides) Oh, you !
L – (pointing at Steve) No, YOU !
(They both throw their heads back and guffaw. Eventually the mirth subsides)
S – (dabbing tears from his eyes with a hanky as he composes himself) Anyway Leila, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you on the show.
L – Believe me Steve, the pleasure was all mine.
S – Whacko. Anyway, I love the name of your band, and please keep us in the loop and let us know when The Dragons are playing a gig. We’d love to be there.
L – You got it, Steve. Cheers. (they shake hands as the audience applauds)
S – (turning to camera as theme music swells up) And we’ll be right back after this word from our sponsors.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 12.09.48 PM
Ahh, there’s no business like show-business, folks. We really hope you enjoyed this rare glimpse under the hood, to see for yourselves the outstanding production values which are upheld monthly by Electric Lunchbox and their team of newsletter “minions”. If you’d like to get some minions of your own, please be aware that you can’t just walk into Centrelink and put a notice on the board saying “Minions Wanted”. They’re really specialized and can only be found via Minion Recruitment Agencies. There used to be alot of them in North Sydney, but that was in the 80′s so I don’t know where they are now. We’ve had ours since those heady days, and I honestly wouldn’t know where to look if we lost the present ones. That’s why we make sure their superannuation is taken care of and their working conditions are good. A Xmas bonus also curries a bit of favour with minions… just a tip.

I always like to list all of the names our Fans Of The Month have come up with for their bands in each edition. Check this out and imagine The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductions for THE STINKBUGS, KIKKI & THE KIDS, MARRICKVILLE ROCKERS, LOOLA SIZZILYPUNKS, CROCODILE STEVE IRWIN and now THE DRAGONS. Aren’t Electric Lunchbox fans the coolest ?
Wanna be our next Fan Of The Month and add your band’s name to this stellar list ? It’s easy – just answer these questions :
- What’s your favourite song on Hey !?
- What is it about that song that you like ?
- If you were going to start a band, what name would you give it ?

Then get Mum or Dad or a brother or sister or a friend to take a photo of you. Remember, nothing too sensible. Then all you do is email the answers, the photo and your details to
lunchboxnews@electriclunchbox.com (mailto:lunchboxnews@electriclunchbox.com)
and you might even see yourself in the next issue.


It’s time for a whole new term to start, and that’s always exciting at Lunchbox Kids. Classes start back on Monday July 15, so if you’d like to see what’s on and when just go to LUNCHBOX KIDS for a look at the timetable. Can’t wait to see you all again. Onward and upward !!!


Doesn’t seem like the “Xmas In July” concept has caught on in the Rock world, as there weren’t that many new releases in June by comparison. Those of you who remember Tricky might enjoy his newie called “False Idols”. Very much from the template of his earlier recordings, and all the better for it. The slightly grittier side of onself can’t help but enjoy the new Black Sabbath album “13″. Yeh I know, it’s not going to appear on a pre-show playlist for EL anytime soon, but when I’m driving on my own it’s really good for my soul to listen to deafening music as loud as I can, and this gets a tick in every box. If you’re up for something pretty wild, check out an LA duo called Deap Valley, two girls who met when one took a crocheting class taught by the other. I read that story and thought “I’m in !”, so I found it on Spotfiy and they are really wild ! They’ve just released their debut album called “Sistrionix” and I’m listening to it now. It’s very unique, and the performances
are high-octane, to put it mildly. Ain’t music just grand ?
Got the You Am I gig at The Enmore next week so we’re getting excited. In the meantime we’ve had plenty to delve deeper into, and the Queens Of The Stone Age album I mentioned last month gets better with every spin. Sir Elton John even makes an appearance on a few tracks, and ex-Nirvana tubsman Dave Grohl dusts off his sticks to sit behind the kit, so there’s a touch of supergroup to this slab. Great toons and great playing and well worth a listen. Again I say “whacko !”


Hunter and Laura, half of The Little Lunches, were recently commissioned to perform at their schoolteacher’s daughter’s birthday party. Were Jayde and I not so mature, we may have slumped into a “What about us ?” sulk, but being parents, we knew that angle was never going to be an option. So we made sure the gals were ready to rock, and when they got home it was clear that they had. Here’s a snap of the pair as they prepared to hit the party. Great stuff, girls !



So that’s all there is to tell this month. No more excuses, I just believe that we should be okay with not having long conversations at this time of year, you know what I mean ? If it happens as you’re running to your car in the rain – like every single time you’ve tried to get in your car in the last fortnight – and someone bales you up to see how you’ve been for the last 3 months, your memories of that person are usually not so affectionate. So brevity is best… except for What’s In Our Lunchbox, where verbosity is flat out and brevity doesn’t exist.
With that, I was determined to somehow use this ridiculous photo, but couldn’t find a context. Who needs a context ? Just put it in, and if anybody can think of a funny line for this bloke I’ll put the caption to the photo next month and the winner gets… err, they’ll probably get a … aahh, we might have a few more … um, nothing. Nothing but kudos and cred, that is. So here he is :

I’m interested as to how he injured himself, or if that’s how all the band members dress onstage, ie. in casts and bandages.Maybe someone can think of a name for such a band ! WOW, WHAT AN INCREDIBLE IDEA I’VE JUST HAD ! Sorry about all the deafening uppercase just then, I was excited. So go on, regale us with your witt.

We really hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday, and we’ll seeya again next month.

Rocksteady team,

Steve & Jayde

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